New Wine Sligo

New Wine Sligo

New wine is a conference I recently attended in Sligo. There were a lot of people who attended with me, but I did not know what to expect. We first set off on the Saturday to get there early to set up as we had signed up to be on team. 


On the train Shannen, Eddie and I played card games all the way there. I must say it got quite intense at some points but was fun none the less. It took us around 3 hours to get there but it flew by and soon enough we had arrived. 


We took a taxi to the venue which was very impressive, and then figured out what to do from there. We then got settled in our accommodation and I then had a meeting with my team. I was on the media team so I was dealing with videography and photography. 


I've been very passionate about both over the past year, and I'm hoping to develop my skills in the upcoming future! I had done some cinematography before but not with the same gear that chris had. Chris was our team leader and had many years experience in cinematography and film making. 


Within an hour of spending some time with Chris, he taught me some valuable skills which will completely change the way I film. Low and behold I had no idea how much I would learn in the next few days. He let me get really stuck in with the filming and he let me use all this new gear which I had only dreamed of using. I was surrounded by big lenses, big cameras and big stabilisers! You name it he had it, and I was very excited to use it all. 


We got straight into filming and went down to the main lobby to record some footage. We were creating. A small edit each day showcasing what had happened each day. Therefore when we filmed on that first day, we filmed people arriving and the atmosphere of people seeing friends they had not seen in ages. This was lovely to film and watch as there were people being reunited all around. 


Chris taught me how to film in different places where there were factors which made filming difficult. Some of those were settings were: busy places with loud atmospheres, places with different lighting and places where people could not be filmed for legal reasons. Not only did he teach me how to film, but he gave me tips and tricks on how to edit efficiently and well on a program I had been using (premiere pro). This was great as I had struggled with this earlier in the year. 

Tom assisted in filming this video which is a snapshot of what you can expect when you head to New Wine Ireland Sligo19 Summer Conference in July


I also had the privilege to film a music video for the worship team at the conference. I was very excited to do this as I had always wondered how they were done. Furthermore when the video was put together it was fantastic to see some of my shots in the final cut. This was great as I learnt so much but was able to put it into practice.


I really enjoyed seeing the videos being put out as it was satisfying to see your work being published for people to see. It went down a treat and was good to see everyone's hard work getting a good response.  As we went on through the week we kept on pumping out content and everyone learnt something from each other and was able assist each other. 


Not only did I grow in my knowledge in filming and photography, I had chance to grow in my faith as well. As many people say - During your faith journey you will hit lows and feel depleted in energy to really focus on God. And that's why you need 'Boosters'. These boosters are things such as retreats, conferences, events which give you time to really partake in worshipping God and speaking to him. 


At certain points during the conference I really enjoyed just putting the cameras Down, and just enjoying either worship or prayer. There was a fantastic set of worship leaders throughout the week, and as worship is one of my favourite things I thoroughly enjoyed listening to them all play. There were some really powerful times for me during these times where I really felt Gods presence. This was great as it gave me that boost I needed to head out after the conference to spread the good news! 


Overall It was such a fantastic week to be a part of. The skills I learnt will help me for life in that industry, which is something I'm very interested in! I must say New Wine was absolutely fantastic. The people I got to work with and meet were great and I'm very thankful I got to go!


Written by


Thomas Small

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