The Parenting Teenagers Course

What is The Parenting Teenagers Course?

The Parenting Teenagers Course was developed in 1990 by Nicky and Sila Lee (authors of The Parenting Book) for parents and care-givers looking for practical support to strengthen their family relationships.

Over five sessions, the course will help you to:

  • Keep your long term aim in mind
  • Meet you teenager's needs
  • Set clear boundaries
  • Develop emotional health
  • Help them make good choices

Who is it for?

The Parenting Teenagers Course is for parents, step-parents, prospective parents or carers of teenagers aged 11-18 years. 

The course is for every type of parenting situation including parenting on your own, step-parenting and parenting as a couple.

The Parenting Teenagers Course is based on Christian principles but designed for all couples with or without a church background.

What can I expect?

On The Parenting Teenagers Course, you are seated in small groups based on the age of your oldest child so that you can meet other parents and carers with teenagers of a similar age.

Each session begins with something to eat and/or drink, giving you space to relax and chat to other parents or carers followed by a practical talk and a time for discussion in groups. 

The talk is given live or on DVD and includes street interview, filmed clips of parents and teenagers sharing their own experiences and advice from parenting experts.

The five sessions

Session 2.

Meeting Our Teenagers' Needs
The five love languages and different ways we communicate

Session 1.

Keeping the End in Mind
The long-term aim and value of building and maintaining relationship

Session 4.

Developing Emotional Health
How to handle anger and resolve conflict effectively

Session 3. 

Setting Boundaries
Gradually letting out the boundaries, and giving freedom and responsibility

Session 5.

Helping them Make Good Choices
Passing on values and equipping teenagers to make good long term choices

How can I continue to invest in my family?

After the course, parents and carers continue to put into practice what they've learned to help keep their family strong and healthy.  
Here are some of the things we suggest to support continued investment in your relationships:  

Further reading

Learn more about parenting and relationships with Nicky and Sila’s recommended reading:

  • The Parenting Book by Nicky and Sila Lee

  • The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman

  • The Sixty Minute Family by Rob Parsons

For more titles and information:

 > Download Reading List [PDF]

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