Alpha Prayer Requests 

October 2019

Dear friends,

Thank you from all of us at Alpha Ireland for your continued support in funds, time, and prayer. Below is a list of prayer needs for the coming month of October 2019, including some areas of continued prayer and also points of thankfulness from the past while to lift up to God.

This month we are continuing our work in schools, parishes, and universities. We are also doing a new thing in our Alpha Ireland Conference, running for the first time this month.

My prayer for this month is for momentum.  Please pray that our volunteers and staff can continue to work for the Kingdom and not lose momentum, not lose heart. That as new obstacles or new projects arise we would not find our hearts troubled but He would breathe His life and perspective and purpose into it all and keep us moving at His pace.  

To Him be the glory!



Miryam Lightbody

Alpha Youth Worker/ Southern Region


Wednesday  2nd October – PTC in Bootlerstown Parish

Bootlerstown Parish in Dublin are running their Parenting Teenagers Course (Wednesdays, 7-9pm). Pray for energy and passion for the team leading it. Pray that the guests and team would all be encouraged through the course, and that God would move mightily in these families to reorder their homes to be Kingdom centred and lead by God’s love.



Pray for our staff team to learn to find rest in the busyness and to be able to step back from the face to face work that we do to see the overall vision of Alpha. Pray that we could see clearly and continually strive for sustainability and excellence.


Monday 7th October – Bray Deanery Parishes Meeting

Pray for John Quinn, our East Coast regional coordinator who is presenting Alpha to the Bray Deanery group of parishes today. Pray for wisdom for John in finding the right words to speak and for the parish groups that he is meeting to see clearly where in their communities Alpha would fit and what needs it could meet. Pray for people to be bold in stepping into leadership and offering to serve in this project.


Alpha in the West of Ireland

Please pray for the development of Alpha in the West of Ireland as we seek to partner with the local parishes. Pray for a revival in the west. For people to step out and serve in their parishes through courses like Alpha and for God to bring encouragement and resources to areas that need more help. Pray for Alpha to move mightily in the west and to create community.


Parish Discipleship

Parishes to support our Alphas and be proactive in running follow on groups and fellowship groups for adults and teens who have gone through Alpha courses. Pray for continued discipleship, community, and togetherness to become part of our church culture.


Alpha Youth in Mercy Convent, Ballymahon

Pray for Liam’s Alpha Youth class in Mercy Convent, Ballymahon. Pray for the 45 Transition Year students who come to Alpha Youth every week to experience God’s love in a real and palpable way through this meeting. Pray for the leaders to be encouraged and sustained by God’s breath.


Thursday 10th October – Filming for AIC19

John Quinn and the team are filming another video interview today in preparation for the Alpha Ireland Conference. Pray for peace over all the equipment and the people who are speaking on camera. Pray that God would put His words in their mouths and that what is said will really bless the Conference and give people a new vision.


Tuesdays - Alpha Youth in Colaiste Chiarain, Leixlip

Pray for Alpha Youth running on Tuesday mornings in Colaiste Chiarain in Leixlip. Pray for the boys and girls who attend it to experience God’s peace in the classroom as they play the games, watch the film, and have discussions. Pray for continued energy and strength for the Alpha staff and volunteers who lead the small groups and that God will give them the right words to respond to the students’ questions.


14th-16th October - CIY Connected Retreat

Pray that the Alpha Youth Team will be refreshed at the upcoming Christ In Youth Connected Retreat. Pray that it will be a time where God really speaks to them and they come away energised and renewed with God's vision for areas of their own lives.


18th-19th October - The Alpha Ireland Conference

Pray for the Alpha Ireland Conference. So much work and prayer and love has been poured into the preparations for this conference and we know that we need a lot of prayer especially for protection because we are breaking new ground.
Pray for safe travel for our guests, staff and speakers, for God to protect the health of all the team and guests so that nothing would prevent them from engaging with the conference and being encouraged. Pray for God’s order in all the practical matters like accommodation and technology that can cause so much stress and upset, and that we would feel peace under the cloak of prayer, setting us free to delight in our work. Pray that we would see God move and inspire people to run Alpha and bring the good news of Jesus to Ireland.


Unity in Youth Ministry in Ireland

There are many organisations running youth ministry across Ireland and we are looking for ways to work together for a better ministry to the youth of our nation. Please pray for the development of partnerships between these groups. Pray for good communication in meetings and for God’s harmony to shine through so that we can co-labour in His way and launch youth ministry together more sustainably.

Thursdays – Alpha Youth in Le Chéile Secondary School, Blanchardstown

Pray for Beth as she leads her Alpha Youth team into Le Chéile Secondary School. Pray for harmony among her and her new team of volunteers; that they would have joy in their work together. Pray for the youth that take part in their Alpha Youth, that they would have open hearts and minds and that they would really embrace the discussion time.

24th-27th October – 24/7 Prayer’s International Conference

Pray for our partner 24/7 Prayer as they run their International Conference in Belfast from the 24-27 October. Pray for peace and joy for the organisers as they host guests from all over the world. Pray God’s protection over the conference and that His Spirit would fall there and that He would breathe forth a new prayer revival in Ireland through the 24/7 Prayer movement.

Mondays and Tuesdays - Alpha Youth in Christian Brothers’ College, Cork

Pray God’s anointing over the two Alpha Youth teams who bring hope to the Transition Year boys in Christian Brothers’ College. Pray for our volunteers to feel real joy in their work, for them to know God’s protection in the midst of challenge. Pray for the health of our volunteers and for restoration. Pray for the boys to find peace in Alpha Youth class to think clearly and engage with what they’re learning. Pray for God to move mightily in their hearts and minds.

Thursdays – Alpha Youth in Newpark Comprehensive School, Blackrock

Pray for Beth and her team as they bring Alpha Youth to the teens in Newpark. Pray for them to grow together as a team. Pray for protection over their Alpha and for a good relationship with both teachers and students. Pray for the students that experience Alpha Youth to experience God’s peace in the classroom as they meet to discuss and play games. Pray for discipline and order and for God to make His presence so clear.

Annette - Meetings with Churches

Pray for Annette Evans as she contacts churches in the Midlands to discuss the possibility of running Alpha with them. Pray for God to move in the hearts of the leaders she meets so that she is met with favour. Pray that people would see the difference that running Alpha could make in their community. Pray for Annette to be constantly refilled and restored in God’s strength as she strives to break new ground.

Alpha in Dublin

Pray for Alpha Courses running this month on the East Coast in Clontarf, Dalkey Parish, Greystones, the Emmaus Centre, and Dunshaughlin. Pray for God to bring in guests to attend these Alphas and for people in need of community and spiritual discussions to come along. Pray for harmony among the volunteer teams and for protection against any attack on their team members and their guests. Praise God for so many believers reaching out to their communities!

Tuesdays - Alpha Youth in Presentation Secondary School, Mitchelstown

Pray for the Transition Year girls in Mitchelstown in Cork County who Miryam and Deirdre run Alpha Youth with. Praise God for their enthusiasm and the vibrant discussions. Pray for the girls to have a spiritual encounter with God and for them to know Him as their Father. Pray for guidance and wisdom for us to speak from the heart of God and to know how to respond to their questions.

Alpha Youth in CBS Mullingar

Pray for Liam as he leads Alpha Youth in Coláiste Mhuire CBS in Mullingar. Pray God’s blessings over every one of the 74 boys who attend this Alpha in the Youth For Christ centre. Pray that they will come to Alpha Youth with open hearts and bring their questions. Pray that they will really engage with Alpha and that God will empower strengthen and guide their 14 leaders in how to work together for His glory and to best care for these young people.

Marriages and Families

Pray for the ministry to families in Ireland today, who are in need of encouragement and assistance, guidance and genuine community. Pray that the Marriage and Parenting Courses would be used by churches looking to support families in all they do. Pray for these courses to invite the love of Jesus to be the standard for homes all over Ireland and that many more families and couples all over our nation would be bold in saying “But as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD" (Joshua 24:15). 

Athlone Information Night

Pray for Annette as she presents an information night with a group in Athlone. Pray for her to feel God’s peace over her as she speaks. Pray that she would speak from the heart of God and that the she would see something new happen. Pray for God  to move mightily through the people she meets with and for them to be inspired to mission.

The Alpha Course in Drimoleague

Praise God for Alpha being run in the yogurt factory café in Glenilen Farm in West Cork. Pray for the volunteers who come from different churches in the area; for a heart of family and harmony among them. Pray for people from this rural area to hear about this Alpha and for God to push them to leave the house and come find Him and find community. Pray God’s anointing and protection over this Alpha and His blessings on these Christian business owners for offering up their premises to be used for His Kingdom.

Liam Burke

Pray for Liam, our Midlands Alpha Youth Coordinator, as he continues to bring Alpha Youth to schools in the midlands. Pray for him to be encouraged in his work with Alpha, that he will see the value of his gifts and clearly see God’s plan for him in this work. It is so hard to find local volunteers in the Midlands but please pray that God will bring people of peace to Liam to be part of Alpha Youth in the Midlands.

University Groups

Pray for wisdom and vision for our team as we seek to set up Alpha courses in student groups across the country. Pray for guidance for us to see what students need and how we can help them to bring their friends, classmates and neighbours to Jesus. Pray for Alpha Youth to bring a fresh wind to young adults in Ireland; for it to open the eyes of Christians to the need around them and encourage them to step out in greater love, and to bring life-changing hope to those who don’t yet know God.


Pray for funders to be open-hearted and for God’s continued provision. Praise God for the funding that we already receive and the generosity of people with hearts full of faith. Pray for more funds so that we can go further and expand further but also for God’s wisdom in how to use all of our resources best.

Our Alpha Youth Volunteers

Pray for courage and strength for our volunteers who work with such faith and humility to run our Alpha Youth classes. Pray protection over their hearts as they work in this often challenging atmosphere. Pray for fear to be gone and for our volunteers to feel God’s presence go before them into the classroom. Pray for them to be encouraged and strengthened.

The 2020 Midlands Camp

Pray for Annette and the team as they begin planning the 2020 Midlands camp. Praise God for the success of the 2019 camp. Pray for wisdom in the planning and for God to give the team a shared vision for how He wants the 2020 camp to be. Pray for the team to be encouraged and inspired in their planning

Youth-Friendly Churches

Pray for churches to come together and support Alpha Youth in schools. Pray for God to move hearts to create more fellowship for youth to be discipled and strengthened in their faith in the parishes. Pray for churches to see Alpha Youth as part of their mission to bring young people to know Jesus.