Alpha Prayer Requests 

August 2019

Dear friends,

Thank you from all of us at Alpha Ireland for your continued support in funds, time, and prayer. Below is a list of prayer needs for the coming month of August 2019, including some areas of continued prayer and also points of thankfulness from the past while to lift up to God.

This month is a busy one as we return to schools and we plan Alphas to begin in September. We are also in the throes of organising our October ‘Discover’ conference, hosting training days, and running our Café at Move youth conference.

The one thing I would ask you to pray for us this August is preparation. As we prepare and step out into the year ahead, may God prepare us for what lies in store. Please pray for us to be supernaturally strengthened and fortified for the battle to come.

To Him be the glory!


Miryam Lightbody

Alpha Mission Team


Move 2019 (5th - 9th of August)

Please pray for…

Our collaboration with Christ In Youth to organise and facilitate ‘Move’ youth conference, which will take place in Kildare from the 5th to the 9th of August. We at Alpha Ireland are in charge of coordinating and running the Café Space for the week. Pray for God to bless the preparations, protect the team and level the ground before them in all the details. Pray for an atmosphere of encouragement in the conference. Pray for the youth to bring their worries and problems to prayer ministry and for them to meet with God’s Spirit. Pray for good friendships to form throughout the week.


Killina Presentation School, Offally

Praise God that all of TY took part in Liam and Annette’s Alpha Youth in Killina Presentation School in Co. Offally. Pray for these teens to continue to encounter God’s presence in their daily lives and to keep bringing their questions to God. Pray for conversations to come up where they can talk about Alpha and reflect on their experiences. Pray for them to find discipleship.


Cork’s Alpha Training Day (Saturday 24th August)

Please pray for…

The Alpha Training Day in Rathpeacon, Cork on Saturday 24th August. Pray for Theresa, Deirdre and Miryam as they prepare for the day and lead; pray for wisdom for them and for God to make the day what He wants it to be. Pray for people to hear about it and to be moved to come and be trained up to lead Alphas – whether it’s Alpha Youth, the Alpha Course, Parenting or the Marriage Course. Pray for this training day to bring change to our nation and that guests will leave feeling so encouraged.


More Volunteers

Please pray for…

God to move hearts to volunteer with us. Especially in areas like the Midlands and Cork, we really need more volunteers. Pray for God to assemble teams in the places He chooses to sew and for us to see our team grow abundantly in number and in spirit. Pray for the word that Alpha Youth in schools is starting in September to reach people of peace and for them to join us this month.


Coláiste de hÍde

Please pray for…

The youth at Coláiste de hÍde school who experienced Alpha Youth with Beth this year. Praise God for how He opened a door in the school that Alpha could be there. Pray for the youth to remember what they learned from Alpha and to go deeper with God. Pray for them to hear His voice calling them and to be filled with a longing to read His word. Pray for their faith to find mentorship in a faith community.


University Work and Equip Conference (26 - 30th August)

Please pray for…

Christian Unions across the country to be open to Alpha. Pray for newly elected Christian Union Society Committees as they meet to plan the semester ahead, and even organic student and young adult fellowship groups. Pray that they would consider running Alpha together as a way to evangelise their campus and community and to be strengthened in what they believe. Pray for us to have open doors with university groups to partner alongside them and run Alphas together.

Pray for wisdom and favour over Beth Gilroy and Miryam Lightbody as they move into university work this year to encourage young adults to try Alpha and to run Alpha.  Pray for an anointing over the Alpha stand at Christian Unions Ireland’s “Equip” Conference in August.


Family Togetherness

Please pray for…

Irish Families. Our teens have told us about the longing they have for their parents to spend time with them, and for the whole family to be together. Pray for God to move mightily in Irish families that they would make the most of the last few weeks of the holidays; that they would have moments of togetherness and fun.  



Please pray for

God to move in the hearts of ordinary people to set up and lead Alphas in their communities. Praise God for the pioneers who already do this so brilliantly and pray for more to be like them. Pray for courage and strength for these people, for protection over their plans and for God to ignite a radical vision in their hearts that sustains them and keeps them from becoming discouraged. Pray for Christians in Ireland to be moved to care for their neighbours and learn how to gather community and make a difference.


North Presentation Girls’ School, Cork

Please pray for…

The girls in Transition Year and Sixth Year at North Presentation Girls’ School in Cork who experienced Alpha Youth this year with Theresa, Deirdre, and Miryam. Pray for them to be moved again by His presence. Praise God for how open they were to prayer spaces and for their honest questions. Pray that they will feel the closeness of God where they are and hear His voice guiding them.



Please pray for…

The teachers that we will be working with in schools this year. Pray for God to start to move in their hearts now and for them to have questions that they can bring to us as we run Alpha Youth with their students. Praise Him that they can be part of our ministry.



Please pray for…

Wisdom as we plan our strategy for the year ahead. Pray for God to guide us in His plans for the nation and for us to know where to invest our time and where not to. Pray for God to clarify a vision for us nationally, regionally, and locally. Pray for God to assemble resources like funding, volunteers, and church support so that we can walk into what He has for us.

A New Beginning

Please pray for…

Youth who are dreading the return to school. We know from our work that school is not the easiest place to be for a lot of young people. Pray for God to do a new thing in many young lives; to provide new friendships, to stop bullying from last year continuing to this year, and to encourage them in the subjects that make them feel weak.

Presentation Secondary, Mitchelstown

Please pray for…

Praise God for the girls from Transition Year in Presentation Secondary School in Mitchelstown who experienced Alpha Youth with Deirdre and Miryam this year. Praise Him that the whole of TY got a chance to be part of it. Pray for the girls to hear God singing over them. Pray protection on them and for friendships of faith to occur where their faith can be strengthened and their hearts blessed.


Please pray for…

Funders to be open-hearted and for God’s continued provision. Praise God for the funding that we already receive and the generosity of people with hearts full of faith. Pray for more funds so that we can go further and expand further but also for God’s wisdom in how to use all of our resources best.

Youth-Friendly Churches

Please pray for…

Churches to come together and support Alpha Youth in schools. Pray for God to move hearts to create more fellowship for youth to be discipled and strengthened in their faith in the parishes. Pray for churches to see Alpha Youth as part of their mission to bring young people to know Jesus.

Friendships of Faith

Please pray for…

Our youth and adults who have experienced Alpha and Alpha Youth this year and come to faith. Pray for God to orchestrate friendships of faith, to bring them into the company of peers who have faith too, who can walk alongside them and can edify each other in their faith. Pray for God to grant them supernatural wisdom to see these opportunities for friendships and praise Him for uniting people of faith in friendship as He always has.


Please pray for…

Parishes to support our Alphas and be proactive in running follow on groups and fellowship groups for adults and teens who have gone through Alpha courses. Pray for continued discipleship, community, and togetherness to become part of our church culture.

Alpha Ireland 2019 Conference (18th - 19th October)

Please pray for…

Our first ever Alpha Ireland Conference, to be held in Abbeyleix from the 18th -19th of October. Pray for God to go ahead of us in the preparations. Pray for God to tell a story through the speakers He chooses and for everyone who speaks to bring Him glory and to move people to mission.  Pray that Beth Gilroy and the team would really feel God leading them in planning the conference and for His peace over all of their meetings.

Pray over our plans to record an interview with Nicky Gumbel in London for the Alpha Ireland Conference.  Pray for all the equipment and details to come together and for what is created to really bless everyone who attends the conference and really empower us in evangelism in Ireland.