Alpha Prayer Requests 

June 2019

Dear friends,

Happy June! Thank you from all of us at Alpha Ireland for your continued support in funds, time, and prayer. Below is a list of prayer needs for the coming month of June 2019, including some areas of continued prayer and also points of thankfulness from the past while to lift up to God.

June is here, exam season is beginning, and our Alpha Youth classes have finished up. This changes our work radically as we at Alpha Ireland move into a season of summer groups, networking, planning, administration, and most importantly, seeking God’s direction for the year ahead. If you could pray into one theme for us this month, let it be vision.

There is an ocean of possibilities for Alpha in Ireland, but we can’t be in all places at once, and that’s where we need vision. Please pray for God to lead us by the hand into what He wants for this ministry and this nation.

To Him be the glory!


Miryam Lightbody / Alpha Mission Team


Saturday 1st pray for:

All of the teens that we have met through Alpha Youth this year who are sitting exams this month. Pray against stress and confusion, pray for the Lord to remind them of His great unconditional love for them and to grant them His peace.


Sunday 2nd pray for:

The 6th Year girls from North Presentation Secondary School in Cork who attended the one day retreat on ‘rest’ that Theresa, Deirdre and Miryam ran on the 2nd of May. Pray for God’s peace to be over them amidst the stress of last minute preparations for their Leaving Certificate coming up this month. Pray for them to be reminded of their experience of God’s character in the Prayer Spaces and who they are to God, how valuable they are.


Monday 3rd pray for:

The TY girls from St. Aloysius College in Carrigtwohill in Cork who have experienced Alpha Youth this year. For their faith to be strengthened and grown and for them to seek a relationship with God for themselves.


Tuesday 4th pray for:

Dom as he travels to the United States today. Pray for him to learn a lot from the Alpha Parish he is visiting there and for our strategy as Alpha Ireland to be really blessed and impacted by what he learns on this trip.


Wednesday 5th pray for:

Our new Communications Co-ordinator, Edward Barrett-Shortt, who recently joined us. Pray for God’s hand and His vision for Edward as he seeks to streamline our marketing and brand awareness around Ireland. Pray for him to feel at home in the Alpha Ireland family and for him to bring new vision and insight to our work.


Thursday 6th pray for:

Praise God for the team’s experience of the Alpha Leadership Conference in London in May. Praise God for the team bonding and networking that took place between key leaders across the country. Pray for the ideas and partnerships formed from the Alpha Leadership Conference, for this inspiration to be strengthened and carried forward into the work of Alpha Ireland. Pray for our team who have been inspired and encouraged to keep momentum.


Friday 7th pray for:

Our new staff member John Quinn who joins the team here at Alpha Ireland this month as the Regional Alpha Coordinator for Dublin and the East. Pray for God to reveal to him what his part is within the team and vision of Alpha Ireland and for us all to benefit from the input of his gifts and talents.


Saturday 8th pray for:

The Alpha Prayer Ministry Training Day today in Abbeyleix. Pray for our team and the guests who attend to be blessed and grow in our knowledge of prayer and of God’s heart. Pray for God to anoint people with gifts of the Holy Spirit and to bring forth healing and deliverance. Praise God for giving us His Spirit.

Leaders like school chaplains, teachers, principals, and parish priests to invite us to run Alpha courses in their place of influence in September. Pray for them to make commitments now and to be faithful to them when scheduling their year ahead. Pray for wisdom for us to know who our people of peace will be and for divine encounters, that God will move mightily to set the schedule for the year ahead in place now.


Sunday 9th pray for:

Our collaboration with Christ In Youth to organise and facilitate ‘Move’ youth conference, which will take place in Kildare this August. Pray for God to bless the preparations, protect the team, level the ground before them, and to start moving the hearts of young people and adult leaders to come to ‘Move’ and be open to God’s call on their lives.


Monday 10th pray for:

Miryam and Deirdre’s Alpha Youth group in Macroom Parish. Praise God for this small but dedicated group of teens, for their enthusiasm and for the friendship and fellowship we have with the local parish priest. Pray for spiritual growth for the teens over the summer and for their hearts to be moved to think of friends to bring to our Alpha Youth in the parish in September.


Tuesday 11th pray for:

Our first ever Alpha Ireland Conference, to be held Abbeyleix form the 18th -19th of October. Pray for God to go ahead of us in the preparations. Pray for God to tell a story through the speakers He chooses and for everyone who speaks to bring Him glory and to move people to mission.

Wednesday 12th pray for:

The team at Alpha Ireland as the summer has arrived and we have changed rhythm. Pray for guidance and wisdom to embrace the new blessings and challenges that change brings.

Thursday 13th pray for:

Liam and Annette as they share about Alpha in the afternoon at the Diocesan Priests Conference for the diocese of Ardagh and Clonmacnoise. Pray for clarity in their communication, for hearts to be open, and that their talk creates conversations with priests that want to start Alpha courses.

Friday 14th pray for:

Teachers who have made commitments to schedule Alpha Youth into their school calendar for September. For them to be true to their word and for God to prepare the ground in the school for us, partnering us with the right people and giving us a consistent room/ space for us to run our Alphas.

Saturday 15th pray for:

Beth Gilroy, who has been a member of our Mission Team for the Dublin and East Region, as she transitions this month into her new role of Ministry Support. Pray God’s guidance and Shalom for her in this change.

Sunday 16th pray for:

The boys from St. Paul’s College in Raheny who experienced Alpha Youth this year with Shannen and Ash. Pray for them to remember what they’ve learned from Alpha Youth and for them to see that God has a radical plan for them if they’ll walk with Him.

Monday 17th pray for:

Praise God for the connections that have been made by Annette and Liam with so many priests in the Meath Diocese. Pray for doors to open for more partnerships between Alpha and churches in the Midlands to help find local volunteers so that Alpha can hand over their school groups to local churches. Pray for God to move hearts in the more rural places to work with us and seek God’s Kingdom in their place for their youth and their people.

Tuesday 18th pray for:

Praise God for the Alpha Holy Spirit Day with the St. Paul’s and Butlerstown Alpha group that Deirdre helped to run in May. Praise God for how many guests attended and how they all embraced prayer ministry. Pray for all who experienced the day to keep seeking God even though their Alpha is finished and for Him to guard their hearts.

Wednesday 19th pray for:

The girls and boys in Mercy Secondary School in Ballymahon, Co. Longford, who were part of Liam and Annette’s Alpha Youth this year. Pray for them to learn to pray and to seek a personal relationship with God. Pray for friendships of faith to form.

 Thursday 20th pray for:

The Alpha Ireland Board. Pray for God to elect people of peace to be part of the Board, for vision over their meetings, for wisdom and discernment in recognising threats to the work of Alpha, and for God to show them where the land is fertile and spacious to plant.

Friday 21st pray for:

Parishes to support our Alpha's and be proactive in running follow on groups and fellowship groups for adults and teens who have gone through Alpha courses. Pray for continued discipleship, community, and togetherness to become part of how the people in our land seek to know God.

Saturday 22nd pray for:

Our volunteers who have served faithfully and wholeheartedly through this year. Pray for us to continue to have fellowship together over the summer and for them to be honoured for their hard work this year. Pray for healing for them from the wounds of spiritual warfare and for a season of deep blessings and rest for them.

Sunday 23rd pray for:

Religion teachers that we have run Alpha Youth alongside this year. Pray for their faith to be nourished and nurtured and for them to remember what they learned through the programme and to seek a personal faith (and the Alpha Course) for themselves.

Monday 24th pray for:

God to move hearts to volunteer with us. Especially areas like the Midlands and Cork really need more volunteers. For God to assemble teams in the places He chooses to sew and for us to see our team grow abundantly in number and in spirit. Pray for young adults to be bold and step out in leadership by serving with us and pray for wisdom for us in how to encourage people to join our mission.

Tuesday 25th pray for:

Praise God for our experience at the Church of Ireland General Synod - we had a great position and some excellent conversations and the response to Alpha was positive and encouraging.

Wednesday 26th pray for:

A time of rest for our staff team and volunteers. It’s been a busy year and the fight has been hard at times. Please pray for all of us to have moments of restoration, both physically and spiritually.

Thursday 27th pray for:

The girls and boys in Gallen Community School in Ferbane, Co. Offaly, who experienced Alpha Youth this year with Liam and Annette. Pray for their hearts to be strengthened and encouraged in their faith. That they would remember what they learned from Alpha Youth and that they would seek God for themselves.

Friday 28th pray for:

The boys from St. Mary’s College in Rathmines who Beth ran Alpha Youth with. Pray for God to move in their hearts and to show them in lots of different ways that He’s calling them. 

Our teens who have experienced Alpha Holy Spirit Days this year and had encounters with the presence of God. Pray for them not to harden their hearts or be discouraged but for them to meet people of peace and seek a relationship with God. Praise God for pouring forth His Spirit, for words of knowledge and prophecies, for seeing the youth embrace prayer ministry for the first time, and for how He always crafts the day to be what He wants it to be. Praise Him for His majesty.

Saturday 29th pray for:

The boys in Presentation College in Bray who have been through Alpha Youth with Shannen and Beth. Pray for them to be moved to seek God for themselves; to read the Bible and to pray. Pray for them to see that God has a wonderful plan for their lives.

Sunday 30th pray for:

The 5th Year girls in Christ King Girls’ Secondary School in Cork that Deirdre and Miryam ran Alpha Youth with this year. Pray that they will remember their experiences of God’s presence and His character. Pray for them to hear His voice and learn to walk with Him.

Monday 31st pray for:

The mental health of our teenagers. It is clear from the teens that we have been blessed to meet through Alpha Youth that anxiety especially, and many other mental health issues, are a very present part of the life of teens in Ireland. Pray for them to know God’s peace, to find support, and for God to bring them into the company of compassionate friends and adults who will listen.