An interview with Father Christopher Jamison

An interview with Father Christopher Jamison

St Mary Moorfield’s

Preaching the gospel to those who’ve never heard it is indeed a joy!

Over the summer, Michael Roche (Alpha-Catholic Context UK) caught up with Fr Christopher Jamison OSB (Benedictine Monk, renowned broadcaster, author, and Director of the National Office for Vocation in England & Wales) to ask him about his experience of running Alpha in the city of London at St Mary Moorfield’s parish.

During this interview Fr Christopher discusses some of the discoveries he made about evangelisation in contemporary culture, the important role the Catholic Church has to play in helping people explore life’s big questions, and how Alpha is a great tool for Catholic parishes to use to do this. ‘I discovered that if I had been designing this from scratch myself I would have had more teaching and less space for discussion…and this would have been a mistake. Alpha has discovered how to give bite-size mouthfuls of teaching with a lot of opportunity to chew it over in the groups. I describe it as the ‘nouvelle cuisine’ of teaching the faith; very small, but beautifully designed mouthfuls which people can savour, rather than serving up a big plate of teaching.’

He ends the interview by quoting Pope Francis’s recent document ‘The Joy of the Gospel’ (Evangelii Gaudium), and says that running Alpha helped him to discover that ‘preaching the gospel to those who’ve never heard it is indeed a joy!’


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Leading with Vulnerability

Leading with Vulnerability

There’s a hidden beauty in vulnerability when we are willing to be open with each other about the pieces of knowledge that we’re lacking and the parts of our role that we really struggle with. At the end of the day, none of us got to where we are in our ministry by being perfect or knowing all the answers.