Alpha In Prisons

Alpha In Prisons

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Facts & Figures

In 2013 there were over 6,000 imprisoned in Ireland (NI & ROI) and 10 million across the world. This figure has risen by nearly 2 million in the last decade.

Prison overcrowding is a huge problem across the world – Italy is the highest in Europe at 140 per cent occupancy and Haiti the highest in the world at 336 per cent occupancy.

In the Republic of Ireland the prison system is overcrowded with a prison population increase of 400% since 1970. The prison population in Northern Ireland is also increasing.

It is estimated that each case of reoffending that
is prevented could save the public purse €65,404 per prisoner per year in the Republic of Ireland. 

We currently fun Alpha and Caring For Ex-Offenders programs across many prisons in Ireland.

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